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Friends Gather Bath Accessory Collection

The Avanti Friends Gather Holiday Collection is a traditional snowman design in accessible, bathroom friendly colors and textures. Products in the collection include:

  • Bath accessories in hand-painted resin, with snowmen, adorable fox companions, and scenes of Christmas.
  • Bath, hand and fingertip embroidered decorative towels on a 100% cotton beige ground.
  • Shower curtain printed with snowmen, adorable foxes and bordered with a rich holiday plaid
  • Rug tufted in durable multi-purpose polyester for use in any room for any situation

The Avanti Friends Gather Soap Dispenser / Lotion Pump features an adorable figural snowman with a traditional black top hat, carrot-stick nose and a friendly fox companion. Adds a perfect touch of the holiday season to any bathroom or kitchen. Made of durable resin and hand painted. Imported. Coordinating towels available.

The Avanti Friends Gather Tissue Cover features a snowman, hand-painted in intricate detail, with a traditional top-hat, branch arms, and red scarf. On a woodgrain background with artistically rendered snowflakes and a red border.

The Avanti Friends Gather Shower Curtain Hooks feature 6 pcs each of an artistically rendered snowflake and an adorable smiling snowman with a top-hat and a carrot stick for a nose. Made from hand-painted resin and metal. The perfect companion for the Friends Gather Shower Curtain.

The Avanti Friends Gather Shower Curtain features a group of traditional snowmen on a wood-grain background. They have black top-hats, red scarves, branch arms, and are being trailed by a an adorable friendly fox wearing a scarf. The top and bottom of the panel have a red and green dominated plaid.

The Avanti Friends Gather rug features a traditional snowman on a wood-grain background. The snowman has a black top-hat, red scarf, and branch arms. The top and bottom of the rug have a border of alternating rectangles in shades of tonal green. Made of durable polyester loops. Imported. Coordinating towels, shower curtain and hooks are available.

The Avanti Friends Gather 13 Pc Shower Curtain & Hook Set features a 72" x 72" polyester printed curtain decorated with 3 scarved snowmen and red foxes. The background is a faux beige woodgrain with green plaid borders. The 12 hand-painted resin hooks include 6 each of the snowman and snowflake.

The Avanti Friends Gather 3 Pc. Lotion Dispenser and Two Fingertip Towel Set includes a figural happy snowman dispenser with a red scarf and top hat. Made of durable, hand-painted resin. The two 11" x 18" tan 100% cotton fingertip towels are embroidered with a happy snowman with top hat and scarf.

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